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Write Code, Crush Foes, Get Hired - $40K Multiplayer Programming Tournament

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Ho, Wizard! Do you enjoy commanding minions from atop piles of gold? Do you want to win up to $2000 in prizes, get a new job at a tech company, or have your defeated foes bow before you? Then play Greed, CodeCombat’s new multiplayer programming arena level.

Today begins a three-week programming tournament with $40,000 in total prize value. You play as humans or ogres, write code to command your peasants or peons to gather gold and build armies, and watch your code battle its way up the leaderboards.

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No Game No Life Review

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Overall, the Spring anime season of 2014 was my favorite! So many good animes aired that season. I will eventually review all the animes I liked from that season, but, for today, I will review No Game No Life by Madhouse.


No Game No Life was an anime adaptation by Madhouse of a light novel by the name of Noge Nora by Yu Kamiya. Before the anime adaptation, there was a manga adaptation by Yu Kamiya in collaboration with Mashiro Hiiragi as an illustrator. Trivia: Yu Kamiya is married to Mashiro Hiigari!!

Yu Kamiya:

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